1: 1. Begin by saying "please" and "thank you". 2. Chew with your mouth closed. 3. Keep elbows off the table.

2: 4. Hold utensils properly. 5. Use napkin to dab, not wipe. 6. Wait for everyone to be served before eating.

3: 7. Don't talk with food in your mouth. 8. Take small bites and eat slowly. 9. Keep your phone away from the table.

4: 10. Don't reach across the table. 11. Ask to pass dishes. 12. Use utensils for shared dishes.

5: 13. Cut food into manageable pieces. 14. Don't slurp or make loud noises. 15. Always ask before taking someone else's food.

6: 16. Don't blow on hot food. 17. Say "excuse me" if you need to leave the table. 18. Finish everything on your plate.

7: 19. Offer to help clear the table. 20. Thank the host for the meal. 21. Compliment the chef if you enjoyed the food.

8: 22. Keep conversations light and pleasant. 23. Avoid controversial topics. 24. Don't criticize the food or the host.

9: 25. Know proper dining etiquette for different cuisines. 26. Remember to enjoy the meal and the company. 27. Follow these etiquette rules to show respect and appreciation.

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