1: "Hidden Figures" - Taraji P. Henson shines as mathematician Katherine Johnson in this inspiring true story.

2: "Empire" - Henson captivates audiences as the fierce and ambitious Cookie Lyon in this hit TV series.

3: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - Henson delivers a heart-wrenching performance as the nurturing Queenie.

4: "Hustle & Flow" - Henson steals the show as sassy yet vulnerable prostitute Shug in this gritty drama.

5: "Think Like a Man" - Henson brings humor and wisdom to the role of relationship expert Lauren.

6: "Baby Boy" - Henson delivers a raw and emotional performance as troubled mother Yvette.

7: "Person of Interest" - Henson impresses as tough and determined NYPD detective Joss Carter.

8: "No Good Deed" - Henson showcases her range playing a woman terrorized by a charismatic stranger.

9: "Acrimony" - Henson delivers a powerful portrayal of a woman scorned seeking revenge in this gripping thriller.

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