1: 1. Exercise More: Keep your pup active with daily walks and playtime.

2: 2. Healthy Diet: Feed your dog nutritious meals to keep them strong and healthy.

3: 3. Regular Vet Check-ups: Stay on top of your dog's health with routine vet visits.

4: 4. Training classes: Teach your dog new tricks and improve obedience.

5: 5. Mental Stimulation: Provide toys and puzzles to keep your dog's mind sharp.

6: 6. Grooming Routine: Keep your dog clean and groomed regularly.

7: 7. Socialization: Allow your dog to interact with other pets to build social skills.

8: 8. Plenty of Water: Keep your dog hydrated with fresh water throughout the day.

9: 9. Quality Sleep: Provide a comfortable bed for your dog to rest and recharge.

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