1: Introducing the top shows on Peacock, featuring a mix of comedy, drama, and suspense.

2: "The Office" is a fan favorite on Peacock, bringing laughs with every episode.

3: Dive into the world of "Parks and Recreation" for feel-good comedy and quirky characters.

4: "Yellowstone" offers a thrilling look at the drama and intrigue of the Dutton family.

5: "Brave New World" explores a dystopian society filled with mystery and intrigue on Peacock.

6: "Saved by the Bell" brings back nostalgic charm with a modern twist on Peacock.

7: "Girls5eva" is a hilarious comedy following a girl group's comeback journey on Peacock.

8: Get hooked on "Dr. Death" for a chilling true crime drama based on a shocking real-life story.

9: Wrap up your Peacock binge with "Rutherford Falls" for laughs and heartwarming moments in a small town setting.

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