1: Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky signs 5-year deal with Simone Biles' apparel sponsor.

2: The partnership comes ahead of the Paris Olympics, where both athletes will compete.

3: Ledecky and Biles are two of the most decorated athletes in their respective sports.

4: The deal showcases the growing trend of female athletes securing major endorsement deals.

5: Both Ledecky and Biles are advocates for women's sports and gender equality.

6: Their partnership will inspire the next generation of female athletes around the world.

7: Ledecky's dominance in the pool and Biles' excellence in gymnastics make them a powerful duo.

8: Fans can expect to see Ledecky and Biles wearing the sponsor's apparel at the Olympics.

9: Overall, the collaboration between Ledecky and Biles represents a significant moment for women in sports.

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