1: Simone Biles stuns in a sleek black bikini, flaunting her toned physique during a romantic getaway with husband Jonathan Owens.

2: The Olympic gymnast radiates confidence and joy as she enjoys the sun-drenched beach, making memories with her beloved spouse.

3: Simone effortlessly pairs her black bikini with chic accessories, adding a touch of glamour to her tropical vacation.

4: Fans can't get enough of Simone's stunning snapshots, showing off her natural beauty and infectious smile by the water.

5: Jonathan Owens joins his wife in the picturesque photos, proving that love and laughter are the best vacation companions.

6: Simone and Jonathan's beach escapades are a picture-perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and seaside romance.

7: From playful moments to serene beach walks, Simone and Jonathan's vacation captures the essence of a dreamy getaway.

8: The dynamic duo exudes happiness and contentment, embodying the definition of a picture-perfect love story.

9: Follow along on Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens' unforgettable vacation journey, filled with sun, sand, and endless love.

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