1: Title: Introduction to Netflix parental controls Description: Learn how to set up parental controls on Netflix to ensure safe viewing for your family.

2: Title: Accessing parental controls on Netflix Description: Navigate to your account settings on Netflix to find and customize the parental controls feature.

3: Title: Setting up viewing restrictions Description: Adjust the maturity rating level to filter out inappropriate content based on your preferences.

4: Title: Creating specific profiles for kids Description: Make separate profiles for children with restricted access to certain shows or movies.

5: Title: PIN protection for sensitive content Description: Use a PIN code to lock specific content from being accessed without permission.

6: Title: Time limits and viewing history Description: Monitor your kids' viewing habits and set time limits to prevent excessive screen time.

7: Title: Educational and age-appropriate content Description: Discover family-friendly shows and movies recommended by Netflix for your children.

8: Title: Updates and notifications Description: Stay informed about any changes to parental controls and receive notifications for new releases.

9: Title: Enjoying safe and secure streaming Description: With Netflix parental controls, you can relax knowing your family's viewing experience is protected.

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