1: "Embrace your rectangle body shape with structured dresses that define your waist for a flattering look."

2: "Opt for A-line skirts and dresses to create curves and add dimension to your silhouette."

3: "Show off your shoulders with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses to balance out your rectangle shape."

4: "Play with patterns, ruffles, and textures to add interest and create the illusion of curves."

5: "Choose high-waisted bottoms to elongate your legs and define your waist for a more shapely silhouette."

6: "Experiment with belts and cinch them at your natural waist to highlight your waistline."

7: "Layering is key - try wearing a cropped jacket or cardigan to create the illusion of curves."

8: "Select tailored pieces that fit well and flatter your figure, avoiding boxy or shapeless styles."

9: "Confidence is your best accessory - embrace your rectangle body shape and dress to feel your best!"

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