1: "Pear-shaped body? Embrace high-waisted bottoms to show off your waistline."

2: "Draw attention to your top half with statement necklaces and off-the-shoulder tops."

3: "Opt for A-line skirts to balance proportions and create a flattering silhouette."

4: "Choose dark-colored bottoms to minimize hips and light-colored tops to accentuate shoulders."

5: "Invest in tailored pieces that define your waist and elongate your legs."

6: "Play with bold patterns and prints on top to divert focus from lower body."

7: "Rock a wrap dress to cinch at the waist and enhance curves."

8: "Avoid oversized or shapeless clothing that hides your figure."

9: "Celebrate your curves with confidence and style your pear-shaped body with flair."

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