1: "Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal team up in Gladiator 2 2024"

2: "Exciting first trailer released for Gladiator 2 starring Denzel Washington"

3: "Pedro Pascal joins the cast of Gladiator 2 in highly anticipated sequel"

4: "Watch the action-packed trailer for Gladiator 2 featuring Denzel Washington"

5: "Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal shine in Gladiator 2 first look"

6: "Don't miss the epic trailer for Gladiator 2 starring Denzel Washington"

7: "Get a sneak peek of Denzel Washington in Gladiator 2 2024 trailer"

8: "Pedro Pascal brings his A-game in Gladiator 2 first trailer with Denzel Washington"

9: "Exciting new details revealed in Gladiator 2 2024 trailer starring Denzel Washington"

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