1: Dodgers' Ohtani Deceived Shohei Ohtani blindsided by gambling accusations, claims former interpreter misled him.

2: Ex-interpreter Accusations Dodgers player Ohtani reveals feeling duped by false allegations of gambling involvement.

3: Ohtani's Shocking Revelation Dodgers star Ohtani speaks out against accusations, blames former interpreter for deception.

4: Dodgers' Ohtani Speaks Out Shohei Ohtani denies gambling allegations, accuses ex-interpreter of blindsiding him.

5: Deception Unveiled Dodgers pitcher Ohtani expresses shock at being duped, refutes claims of gambling involvement.

6: Interpreter's Betrayal Ohtani claims ex-translator misled him, leading to false accusations of gambling.

7: Dodgers' Ohtani's Regret Shohei Ohtani expresses regret for trusting ex-interpreter, vows to clear his name.

8: Ohtani's Integrity Defended Dodgers pitcher Ohtani refutes allegations, asserts innocence in gambling controversy.

9: Ongoing Legal Battle Shohei Ohtani fights back against gambling accusations, blames former interpreter for deception.

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