1: 1. Practice deep breathing techniques. 2. Go for a mindful walk in nature.

2: 3. Engage in mindful eating. 4. Try journaling or doodling as a mindfulness practice.

3: 5. Listen to calming music. 6. Participate in a body scan meditation.

4: 7. Practice mindful gratitude. 8. Try progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

5: 9. Engage in mindful stretching or yoga. 10. Create a mindfulness jar with soothing objects.

6: 11. Practice mindful listening to sounds around you. 12. Engage in a digital detox for a set period of time.

7: 13. Try aromatherapy with calming essential oils. 14. Practice mindfulness in everyday tasks like washing dishes.

8: 15. Engage in a guided visualization exercise. 16. Try mindful breathing exercises throughout the day.

9: 17. Practice mindful self-compassion and kindness towards yourself. 18. Try a loving-kindness meditation practice.

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