1: 1. Optimize screen brightness and refresh rate. 2. Close background apps to save battery. 3. Use power-saving mode when needed.

2: 4. Disable unnecessary functions like GPS and Bluetooth. 5. Update software regularly for best performance. 6. Avoid extreme temperatures to preserve battery health.

3: 1. Use dark mode to reduce power consumption. 2. Limit notifications to minimize battery drain. 3. Turn off automatic app updates to save battery life.

4: 4. Adjust sleep settings to conserve power. 5. Use battery optimization apps for efficiency. 6. Carry a portable charger for on-the-go charging needs.

5: 1. Uninstall unused apps to free up battery resources. 2. Enable adaptive battery settings for smarter power management. 3. Turn off haptic feedback to extend battery life.

6: 4. Keep your phone cool to prevent overheating. 5. Monitor battery usage in settings for insights. 6. Use battery-friendly wallpapers and themes.

7: 1. Avoid overcharging to prolong battery lifespan. 2. Enable airplane mode in low signal areas. 3. Opt for battery replacement if needed for optimal performance.

8: 4. Clear cache and cookies to improve efficiency. 5. Disable live wallpapers for less power consumption. 6. Use battery-saving tips from Samsung's official website.

9: 1. Recycle old batteries responsibly. 2. Keep your phone updated for battery improvements. 3. Follow these tips for long-lasting battery on Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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