1: Energize your weekend with Mediterranean brunch recipes in under 20 minutes.

2: 1. Avocado toast with feta and cherry tomatoes - a quick and nutritious option.

3: 2. Greek yogurt bowl with honey, nuts, and berries - a delicious protein-packed meal.

4: 3. Shakshuka with crusty bread - a flavorful and filling brunch option.

5: 4. Mediterranean frittata with olives and spinach - easy to make and full of flavor.

6: 5. Tzatziki and cucumber toast - a refreshing and light option for brunch.

7: 6. Hummus and veggie wrap - a quick and satisfying meal for busy weekends.

8: Indulge in Mediterranean flavors with these simple and delicious brunch ideas.

9: So next weekend, try one of these Mediterranean diet brunch ideas under 20 minutes. Your taste buds will thank you!

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