1: Pho - A traditional noodle soup with savory broth and fresh herbs.

2: Banh Mi - A delicious sandwich with French and Vietnamese influences.

3: Spring Rolls - Light and refreshing appetizers filled with veggies and protein.

4: Bun Cha - Grilled pork with vermicelli noodles and a flavorful dipping sauce.

5: Caramelized Pork - Sweet and savory dish with tender pork and caramel sauce.

6: Ban Xeo - Crispy Vietnamese crepes filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts.

7: Com Ga - Fragrant chicken rice dish with ginger, garlic, and scallions.

8: Ca Kho To - Claypot braised fish in a caramelized sauce with coconut water.

9: Bo Luc Lac - Stir-fried beef cubes marinated in garlic, soy sauce, and fish sauce.

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